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iEQ30 FLT110 
# 3000-FLT110

The iEQ30 with William Optics FLT 110

We've partnered with William Optics to give you the best of both worlds!

The Mount

The iEQ30 offers the next generation GoTo technology from iOptron®It come standard with a calibrated dark field illumination polar scope, built-in GPS, and sturdy 1.5 -inch stainless steel tripod legsPlus, it offers premium performance in an easy-to-transport package. Priced affordably – the iEQ30 is definitely worth its weight in gold.

The Optics:

Another improvement on your most beloved 110mm: NEW designed DDG integration.

This scope is ultimately designed for astronomers who want the best results in photographic/CCD imaging. Finally available at an AMAZING price in its class. Only the best and most expensive telescopes are on a par with this one! Dedicated field flattener available.


iEQ30 FLT110 
# 3000-FLT110
      iEQ30 mount
      • Specialized astrophotography mount, ideal for entry-level and intermediate astrophotographers
      • Payload: 31 lbs (14kg)
      • Mount weight: 15 lbs
      • Portable, compact, and sturdy German equatorial mount with the highest Payload/Mount ratio (2.0) in the category
      • ST-4 autoguiding port capable of reverse guiding with autoprotection
      • Permanant periodic error correction (PPEC)
      • Ultra-accurate tracking with temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO)
      • Calibrated AccuAligningTM polar scope with dark-field illumination and easy polar alignment procedure, allowing for fast and accurate polar alignment
      • Built-in 32-channel GPS
      • #8407 controller with Advanced GoToNOVA® technology
      • Resolution: 0.1 arc second
      • Controller includes heating mechanism for working at low temperatures down to -20oC
      • RS232 port for ASCOM control
      • Includes Vixen-style mounting saddle.
      • Heavy-duty stainless steel tripod legs
      • Optional pier and hard case.
      • Optional PowerWeightTM battery pack

      • Features a top-quality triplet air-spaced objective.
      • This scope is extremely sharp and has a great color correction, even better than the previous design. It is ideal for astrophotography.


iEQ30 FLT110 
# 3000-FLT110

iEQ30 FLT110 
# 3000-FLT110

iEQ30 FLT110 
# 3000-FLT110